The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 1)

9 August 1933

Dear Dr. Muhlschlegel:

I am directed by Shoghi Effendi to inform you of the receipt of your letter dated July 13th, 1933, together with the enclosed copy of the petition addressed by the German Bahá'í National Assembly to the British High Commissioner in Jerusalem and the report of the Bahá'í activities in Stuttgart, all of which he has read with great care and deepest interest and for which he has asked me to offer you his heartfelt thanks.

Your petition, though short is, nevertheless, strongly worded and very substantial. It is hoped that it will impress the authorities in Palestine and will enable them to realize the gravity and the urgency of our case.

Assuring you of his best wishes and of his ardent prayers for the success of your work,...

In the Guardian's own handwriting:

Dear and prized co-worker:

Your prompt and able response to my request has greatly touched me, and I wish to express again my lovely appreciation and abiding gratitude. I cherish great hopes for your future contributions to the spread and consolidation of the Faith in that land, and will continue to pray for your success from the depths of my heart.

Your true and affectionate brother,

Shoghi 1 October 1933 (Summer School) Dear Bahá'í co-workers,

The Guardian has just received your beautiful message of Sep. 3rd, 33, written through the kindness of Miss Jack, and he has directed me to thank you all for the success that has attended your summer school classes at Esslingen. The importance and significance of such annual gatherings are immense, since they offer each and every one of you a unique opportunity to come and discuss together the ways and means whereby the Faith can extend and develop throughout Germany. By the collective spirit, the unity and the enthusiasm they create, these meetings serve to strengthen the bonds of amity and cooperation among the friends and to give them a new vision of the Cause, of its imperative needs and requirements in these days of political agitation and strife. The social and political conditions in your land are, indeed, very distressing, and if they remain unchanged for a long time, may hamper the progress of the Faith. It is now that you should work in utmost unity and in the spirit of an unflinching devotion to the ideals and teachings of the Cause.

Shoghi Effendi hopes that your summer school will increasingly develop and will become an important center for the spread of the Message. You should try to raise its intellectual as well as its spiritual standard and to pave the way for its future development into one of the foremost Bahá'í universities in the West. Much stress should be laid on the thorough study of the history and of the teachings of the Cause, and particularly of the nature, basis and outstanding features of the Administration. The severe tests and trials through which our German brethren have passed during the last few years clearly demonstrate how much they are in need of a full comprehension of the administrative basis of the Cause. It is hoped that in the coming years much progress will be achieved in this respect.

Assuring you all of our Guardian's best wishes and of his ardent prayers on your behalf....

In the Guardian's own handwriting:

Dear co-workers:

It is such a joy to learn that you have had the pleasure and benefit of the companionship of our dear and distinguished Bahá'í sister, Miss Jack, whose recent and exemplary services we all deeply appreciate. I will remember you all in my prayers at the holy shrines, and will supplicate for you the Beloved's richest blessings. May He guide your steps and cheer your hearts in the service of His glorious and sacred Faith,

Your true brother,


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