The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 1)

18 October 1948

Dear Bahá'í Friends:

Your letter of Aug. 29th, with translation of some enclosures, was received by our beloved Guardian, and he has instructed me to answer you on his behalf.

Regarding the matter of the Fund for Germany now held in Tihrán: Unfortunately the exchange rate of the Persian &Tuman into Swiss (or American or British) money is extremely unfavourable, and he considers that your loss would be far too great to transfer, at the present time, the entire sum from Tihrán to Switzerland. It is also extremely difficult to get money out of Persia, which now has financial restrictions similar to so many other countries. However, he is investigating at the present moment the possibility of having a sum to meet your immediate requirements transfered from Persia to Switzerland, and the moment he can arrange this he will notify your assembly.

The devoted services of the Bahá'í youth rendered in clearing the Hazira property of debris, was much appreciated by him, and he wishes you to please let them know he admires their spirit which is demonstrated in such a useful manner!

He was very sorry to hear of the sad and untimely death of dear Mrs. Brauns-Forel. Her services, always rendered with such unflagging devotion, will be sorely missed by her co-workers in Germany. He hopes her daughter will arise to take her mother's place in the active work of the Cause.

He trusts that now your assembly is able to render more active assistance to the Austrian believers and to stimulate them in their work. Recent reports seem to indicate the Vienna Bahá'ís are more active and determined than ever before in their history.

He hopes the construction of the Hazira in Frankfurt will now be able to go ahead at a rapid pace. You may be sure he will do all he can to assist you in this essential enterprise.

You are all remembered in his prayers with much love, and he is very pleased over the way the Faith is progressing in Germany....

In the Guardian's own handwriting:

Dear and valued co-workers:

I am delighted to hear of the energetic steps that have been taken in recent months in connexion with the establishment of the Haziratu'l-Quds in Frankfurt. This institution, the center round which all national Bahá'í activities must revolve, should be made the object of the special care and solicitude of the entire community of the German believers in the years immediately ahead. Upon it will depend the coordination, consolidation and expansion of the collective efforts of the members of this community, which occupies so vital and pivotal a position in the heart of the European continent. Parallel with this conscious, this determined and persistent effort, assiduous endeavours must be constantly and increasingly exerted by your assembly to multiply the administrative centres, increase the number of the active supporters of the Faith, proclaim its verities wisely, unreservedly, far and wide, disseminate its literature, vigorously and systematically, and deepen, by every possible means, the understanding and the devotion of its adherents. That these immediate objectives may be speedily attained, and enable the members of this valiant and sore-tried community to embark on a carefully conceived Plan in the years that lie ahead, is my fervent and constant prayer.

Your true and grateful brother

Shoghi 20 October 1948 (Summer School) Dear Bahá'í Friends:

Your letter to our beloved Guardian, dated September 9th, was received, and he has instructed me to answer you on his behalf.

He was delighted to see so many of the dear German friends had attended the school, for in this loving Bahá'í association and study a closer unity is created amongst the believers, and new plans born for the teaching work that lies ahead.

He urges you all to exert every effort to spread the Faith in these dark days of crisis the world is still passing through, for in the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh alone can the people find hope, peace and comfort.

He assures you all of his most loving prayers on your behalf, and for the success of your devoted services....

In the Guardian's own handwriting:

Dear and valued co-workers:

Your joint message truly cheered my heart and served to remind me of the great company of my dearly-beloved brethren who have toiled so devotedly in the past, and are so energetically pursuing their historic tasks at present, in the service of our glorious Faith, I will continue to supplicate the Beloved to bless continually your high endeavours, to enable you to extend the range of your splendid activities, and to lend a tremendous impetus to the onward march of the Faith in your promising country,

Your true and grateful brother


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