The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)

10 February 1951[to Miss Elsa Grossmann]

The Hamburg situation he trusts is now greatly improved. The believers there must learn to function according to the Administration. When they do this, ninety percent of their problems will be solved.

Regarding your questions concerning the Gleanings:

1st. CXL up until CXLI refers to Muhammad-'Ali. The following pages do not.

2nd. The Guardian does not remember to whom Chapter CXLIII refers. He gathered the quotations for the Gleanings from innumerable individual tablets and writings, and did not keep a record of all of them; and has not at present time to go back over this material and find out. He does not consider it important to whom it refers.

3rd. On Page 312, the words "I feign would hope" are merely a very elevated style of English for saying "I hope". This tablet has nothing to do with Muhammad-'Ali.

The Guardian asks you to please convey his love to all the members of your dear family, as well as to dear Mrs. Benke.

He very much appreciates the translation you have made of the Gleanings, and hopes that it will soon be in the hands of all the believers, as it is an extremely important volume for acquiring a deeper understanding of the Faith, and greatly enriches the literature available in the German language.

The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)
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