The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)

30 September 1955[to Dr. Adelbert Muhlschlegel]

He assures you he very deeply appreciates the loving attention and care you have been giving to Valiyu'llah Varqá and his family.

This precious Hand of the Cause of God was always an honoured and favored servant of the Faith during the days of the Master, and very close to His heart; and has always been a completely trusted and truly dedicated helper of the Guardian, who loves him very deeply.

To know of his present condition does grieve the heart, and distresses and saddens the Guardian greatly. He feels confident, though, that this distinguished soul, who is so dear to the hearts in so many lands, in being where he is, is now surrounded with infinite love and tenderness; and for this he is most grateful....

In the Guardian's own handwriting:

May the Almighty richly reward you for the deeply appreciated and highly meritorious assistance you extend to our dearly beloved and distinguished brother and co-worker, Valiyu'llah Varqá, and enable you to extend continually the range of your splendid accomplishments in the service of our glorious Faith,

Your true brother,

Shoghi [facsimile of a letter found on page 118]

The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)
pages 116-117

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