The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)

16 September 1956[to Mr. Robert Schultheiss]

He is very sorry to hear you may have to leave Graz, where you are laying a good foundation for the work; even though our dear Bahá'í sister, Mrs. Johnson Norvell is there now, which the Guardian was happy to hear.

If it is not possible for you to remain in Graz, you should try to follow your plan of working in Vienna, and going down to help Mrs. Norvell on week-ends.

The Guardian feels you should inquire whether the German National Spiritual Assembly cannot help you to remain in Graz, as he considers this city of great importance....

In the Guardian's own handwriting:

Assuring you of my loving and fervent prayers for the success of your historic services, and of my admiration for the spirit that animates you in the promotion of our beloved Faith,

Your true brother,


The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)
pages 120-121

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