The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)

2 February 1957

The Bahá'í Group of Salzburg

He is happy, to hear that the Bahá'í friends from Budapest are safely installed in the United States, and that they are going to make an effort to settle in a way that will serve the work on the Home Front.

It was too bad that you lost some of the members of your much-prized Community there, just when you are trying to build up a Spiritual Assembly, but the Guardian hopes you will soon replace them with new believers recruited from the local population, in other words, permanent ones!

He attaches great importance to the creation of an Assembly in Salzburg and will pray that you may be successful in the teaching work there....

In the Guardian's own handwriting:

May the Almighty bless, abundantly and continually, your high endeavours, guide every step you take, and enable you to lay a firm foundation for our beloved Faith in that city,

Your true brother,


The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)
pages 125-126

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