The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)

4 June 1957

Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Graz. Dear Bahá'í Friends:

The beloved Guardian received your letter of May 31, and he is very happy to have this opportunity of congratulating your Spiritual Assembly upon its formation.

He was also delighted to hear there are so many Bahá'ís in Graz. Perhaps you can spare a pioneer, if you find your Assembly will be assured next April, to one of the weaker places in Austria, and thus help build up yet another administrative centre.

You may be sure he will pray for you all, and he urges you to labor together in the greatest love and unity for the promotion of the Faith....

In the Guardian's own handwriting:

May the Beloved guide your steps, remove all obstacles from your path, bless every effort you exert, and fulfil every desire you cherish, for the promotion of His Faith, and the consolidation of the newly established Assembly,

Your true brother,


The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)
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