The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)

4 June 1957[to Mr L. Robert Schultheiss]

He greatly appreciates the services you have been able to render the Faith in Austria, and feels that you have every reason to be satisfied, now that you see that a Spiritual Assembly was established in Graz. The fact that the friends there did not cable him makes no difference at all. Not all of the new Assemblies cable.

You will be able, he hopes, on your return to Germany, to assist in the formation of a new Spiritual Assembly there, through taking up your residence where there is a Group. In this way you will be strengthening the Home Front, which is also a very important phase of our Bahá'í activities. If you must go back to Stuttgart, he hopes you can still live in its neighbourhood and be instrumental in forming another Assembly, rather than to be just one more Bahá'í in an already crowded Community. As you perhaps already know, he has urged the large communities to send out pioneers. Indeed, if only fifteen Bahá'ís remained in each city, willing to serve, it would be quite sufficient to maintain the Spiritual Assembly. The sooner the rest would arise to pioneer, the better it would be for them and for the Faith.

The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)
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