The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)

18 January 1947[to Miss Elsa Grossmann]

Your welcome letters ... were received, together with the poems you enclosed in them...

He wishes me to assure you he will include some of the poems in the next volume of "Bahá'í World"; it is, unfortunately, too late to get them into the latest number which is now being printed in America.

It seems now absolutely certain that our dear Bahá'í sister, Lydia Zamenhof, lost her life in a gas-chamber during the war! It is a great loss, as she could have rendered the Faith many services in Europe in these past-war days! But her services to the Cause and her memory are imperishable!

He would be very pleased to receive an article from you about her for the next volume of Bahá'í World, but not for the "In Memoriam" section. Also he regrets he will not be able to publish in the Bahá'í World the In Memoriam article you sent about your dear parents. Only those people who have died in the period covered by each volume receive mention in that volume, and the next one will be for 1946-48!...

P.S. He is very happy to hear dear Mr. Zabih is meeting the friends there; you may be sure he will pray that the way may open for him to help you all in Germany at the present time and serve the Faith in England later on.

The Guardian assures you he is delighted to hear of the translations you have already made and are at present engaged upon; the German literature of the Faith is of the utmost importance, both because of the great future the Cause has there, and the fact that so many other Europeans read German. He hopes "Gleanings" and the "Dispensation" can soon be printed. These matters you should refer to your Nat. Spiritual Assembly.

In the Guardian's own handwriting:

My dear and valued co-worker:

I am so glad and grateful to learn of the activity and perseverance of the dear German believers, and of your own valued and constant services to our beloved Faith. You are, I assure you, often in my thoughts and prayers, and I prize the spirit that animates you in His service. I cherish the brightest hopes for the future of your historic work for the promotion of the Faith, and wish you to persevere and rest assured that the Beloved will continue to guide and sustain you, and will reward you abundantly for your high endeavours.

Your true and grateful brother,


The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)
pages 55-56

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