The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)

11 June 1948

Bahá'í Jugend Esslingen Dear Bahá'í Friends:

Your loving message to our beloved Guardian, dated Mulk 9th, 104, was received, and very much appreciated, and he was delighted to learn you had been able to hold such a large meeting for the Youth Symposium day.

He has been very busy lately, due to conditions here and the great amount of work there is to do, but nevertheless he wishes to answer your letter and assure you he will pray for your success, and that he is proud of your spirit and your devotion to the Faith...

In the Guardian's own handwriting:

May the Beloved of our hearts guide every step you take in the path of service, aid you to deepen your understanding of the essentials of His Faith, and promote, at all times, the best interests of its institutions,

Your true brother,


The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 2)
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