Messages To The Bahá'í World: 1950-1957

A Supplementary Collection

New Step in Building the Báb's Shrine

Announce to national assemblies of America, Europe, and Australia the initiation of preliminary measures for erection of steel framework designed to support the contemplated dome of the Báb's Sepulcher. Holy edifice, whose site the Founder of the Faith designated while Himself an exile in Most Great Prison, whose central structure the Center of His Covenant erected in the course of the turbulent years of His ministry, whose enveloping arcade was constructed despite internal disturbance rocking the Holy Land, is now carried forward despite the mounting international tension through signing of sixty-three thousand dollar contract for stonework of octagon. Request beloved friends, collaborators in historic undertaking, to join me in prayers for uninterrupted prosecution of work simultaneously initiated in Italy and Holy Land designed to attain final consummation in rearing the lofty dome, crowning unit of enterprise so intimately associated with the Three Central Figures of Faith linking the Heroic and Formative Ages of the Bahá'í Dispensation.

[January 4, 1951]

Messages To The Bahá'í World: 1950-1957
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