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1923-01-08 To various Baha’i Communities

SOTW Vol 14, #2, p48

USBN No. 72, April 1933, page 5

The beloved of the Lord and the handmaids of the Merciful in Asbury Pork, N. J.; Augusta, Ga.; Beverly-Salem, Mass.; Bisbee, Ariz.; Buffalo, N. Y.; Eliot, Maine; Cambridge Springs, Penn.; Fernandina, Fla.; Fruitport, Mich.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Geyserrville, Cal.; Grand Haven, Mich.; Haverhill, Mass.; Ithaca, N. Y.; Johnstown, N. Y.; Miami, Fla.; Milwaukee, Wis:.; Ncw Haven, Conn.; Omaha, Neb.; Okanagan, Wash.; Peoria, Ill.; San Diego, Cal.; Santa Barbara, Cal.; Santa Paula, Cal.; Santa Rosa, Cal.; Springfield, Ill. ; St. John, N. B.; St. Louis, Mo.; St. Paul, Minn.; Trenton, N.J., Worcester, Mass.

Care of the members of the National Spiritual Assembly.

"Dearest Fellow-workers in the Vineyard of God:

"Though your number in each of these cities be small and limited, yet by virtue of that Celestial Potency bequeathed to every one of you by our departed Master, you are assured that ere long your small company shall expand and wield such power and influence as no earthly power can ever hope for or attain. Who can doubt that He is ever watching from His Station on high over His scattered fold and is guiding and strengthening His faithful lovers who toil and labor for the fulfilment of His word and the realization of His purpose for mankind?

"As we observe the sad conditions of the world and the complexity of the problems that are besetting humanity, we may at times lose heart and grow forgetful of the promised dawn of the New Day, so repeatedly and emphatically foretold in the Sacred Writings. But we need only refer to some of the earliest writings of our beloved Master to regain that confidence which the vicissitudes of the world, however distressing, can never shake. Are not these words wherein He assures us of the onward march of the Cause - a march which no one can resist and which is sure to lead humanity to its glorious destiny - (abundantly sufficient)?

"'Now in the world of being, the Hand of Divine Power hath firmly laid the foundations of the all-highest bounty and this wondrous gift. Whatsoever is latent in the innermost of this Holy Cycle shall gradually appear and be made manifest, for now is but the beginning of its growth and the dayspring of the revelation of its signs. Ere the close of this century and of this age it shall be made clear and evident how wondrous was that springtide and how heavenly was that gift!'

"And as the outlook grows darker and despondency overtakes the hearts, it is incumbent upon us to arise with greater confidence than ever before, endeavoring to clear the mists of hate and prejudice that have dimmed the vision of mankind and, relying upon these assuring words of His, point out to a weary world the way of true Salvation.

"I very eagerly await the news of the progress of the Movement in your cities and shall be grateful and delighted to hear that you have reinforced your numbers, extended your activities, established a center and founded a Spiritual Assembly that shall direct and coordinate your efforts for the promotion of the Cause.

"Awaiting your joyful news and beseeching the blessings of the Almighty on your efforts, I am

Your brother and co-worker,


Haifa Palestine,

January 8, 1923."

In the above, the words “(abundantly sufficient)” are not found in the SOTW

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