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1923-02-03 to SOTW

SOTW Vol 14 #1, April 1923

To the Editors and Manager of the STAR OF THE WEST:

Mr. Albert Vail

Miss Edna True

Dr. Zia M. Bagdadi

Mirza Ahmad Sohrab

Care of the members of the National Spiritual Assembly.

Dear Co-workers in tire Holy Vineyard:

I have read with deep interest the recent numbers of the STAR OF THE WEST, and note with intense delight and gratitude the rapid advance it has made toward the fulfillment of that noble aim which the Master has clearly set before it. I have had its contents carefully translated and circulated among the resident friends in the Holy Land and the surrounding regions, and they, one and a1l, feel gratified and hopeful of the pre-eminent role it is destined to play in future.

I have requested every Spiritual Assembly throughout Persia, Turkestan. Caucasus, India, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Palestine to contribute periodically carefully written articles to your Magazine, and submit regularly for publication a special report on their spiritual activities and the progress of the Cause in their own province. I trust that thereby you may be enabled to revive and enrich the Persian Section, and add considerably to the size and importance of the STAR as a whole.

True, the rays it now sheds are as yet faint and insignificant, yet our hopes and reliance are in the Master's Words, that by your ceaseless efforts. reinforced in time by the assistance of friend s and Assemblies the world over, this STAR OF THE WEST shall grow to become so powerful a propounder of the Holy Writ of God and may so mirror forth the beauty of the Abha Revelation as to become itself the Day- Star of the world.

Broad in its outlook, forceful in its appeal, universal and comprehensive in the range of its articles, wise and tactful in its selection of materials for publication, at once elevated and simple in its style, correct and reliable in the translations it publishes, the interpretations it makes, the information it gives----in a word, illuminating and convincing in all its aspects-such is the standard of excellence which every reader of the STAR and every contributor to its columns wishes it to attain.

May it achieve its glorious purpose!

Your brother and co-worker


Haifa, Palestine,

February 3rd. 1923.


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