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Cited in Youth in the Vanguard, Marion Yazdi, pp48-9, USBNC archives

My dear Bahà'i sister.

It gave our dear Shoghi Effendi much joy to read your interesting and encouraging letter and he is looking forward with great hopes to see the spread of the Cause in the Western States as never before. Indeed whenever we remember how much our dear Master spoke of that country and what a great deal He expected from every pioneer worker there, we feel assured that the glorious days He foretold are not far distant. Our Guardian wishes you all to realize what a stirring pleasure it is for him to cooperate with you in the promulgation of the Cause we all adore and it gives him great joy to help you and give you his advice in the task you have so gladly chosen.

In respect to the little library for the Juniors in memory of Mrs. Rasmussen's dear son, Chester, he wishes me to write you of his deep pleasure in its establishment; and he feels that her son who now dwells in realms more holy, will have his name remembered forever by all the children who will use that little library. The fact that Mrs. Rasmussen has had to save that sum from her little earnings will certainly add a touch of true self-sacrifice to that library.

It might interest you to know that we already have a very large group of Western friends here in Haifa and how we would wish everybody could come over.

The members of the family all join me in sending you our very best wishes and heartfelt regards.

I am

yours in His service

(signed) Soheil

My spiritual sister:—

I assure of my deep affection and ardent prayers for the s ucc your spiritual activities. Convey to Mrs. Rasmussen my highest appreciation of her noble, self-sacrificing efforts. I remember her most tenderly at the Three Holy Shrines. Your true brother,

(signed) Shoghi

[ltr to Kathryn Frankland, 11 Nov 1924, after the establishment of a junior Baha’i library in Berkeley in the name of Chester Rasmussen.]

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