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    Last year . . . the matter of collecting the originals or photographic copies of the Tablets addressed to the . . . friends (with translations) was mentioned. The meeting was entirely favourable to the suggestion and ___ offered to see that all Tablets or copies of Tablets or other interesting Bahá'í relics or treasures sent to him would be properly stored in safe-deposit.
    . . . Such a matter requires someone who is keenly interested and sufficiently energetic, tactful and persistent to overcome the apathy or dilatoriness of friends who are in possession of the materials, to see the thing through.

28 October 1925 to an individual believer on behalf of Shoghi Effendi

Writings, Bahá'í: Importance of collecting and safeguarding

compiled by Bahá'í International Archives.

published in Bahá'í Studies Review, 11, pages 100-102

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