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"Iraq's highest tribunal unexpectedly pronounced verdict against us regarding Bagdad Houses. Situation of unprecedented gravity. Effective prompt action urgently required. Strongly urge National Spiritual Assembly and every local Assembly and group immediately communicate by cable and letter Iraq High Commissioner through British Consular authorities if feasible, protesting vigorously against courts glaring injustice, appealing for redress to British sense of fairness, asserting spiritual claims of Baha'is to this sanctified abode and declaring their unfailing resolve to do their utmost to vindicate their legitimate and sacred rights. Similar appropriate communications to King of Iraq and British central authorities. Highly desirable cable any suggestions. America's action in present circumstances of unique significance and value. Messages should not be identical in wording.

(Signed) "SHOGHI."

[cablegram rcvd 4 Nov 1925, published in Baha’i News Dec 1925/Jan 1926]

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