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Cited in Youth in the Vanguard, Marion Yazdi, p74-5, USBNC archives


Nov. 24 - [19]25

Mrs. K. Frankland

1199 Spruce Street

Berkeley, Calif.


My dear Baha'i sister,

Your letter of Oct. 25th written to our beloved Guardian Shoghi Effendi has arrived and rejoiced his dear heart with its good news.

He has instructed me to write this acknowledging the receipt of your letter and conveying to you his loving greeting together with his appreciation for your devoted services in Berkeley and San Francisco.

As to whether your assembly in Berkeley is recognized by our Guardian or not, he wishes that you all should remember his instruction that in every locality where the number of adult and declared believers is nine or exceeds nine, they have the right to stablish a Spiritual Assembly, and as this is the case in Berkeley, surely your Spiritual Assembly is recognized by him.

The members of the Holy Household join him in sending you love and greeting and assure you of their prayers for you and the other friends in Berkeley.

Your humble brother,

(signed) 'Azizu'lláh S. Bahádur

My dear fellow-worker:

Your magnificent services, your patient endeavors, your great devotion to the Cause of God will ever be remembered with gratitude and joy. May our Beloved reinforce your efforts and fulfill your fondest hopes.

Your brother and well-wisher,

(signed) Shoghi

[response to election of first Berkeley CA LSA.]

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