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Collected Passages On Business, Development And The Bahá'í Funds, 2nd Edition p39

USNSA Dept of the Treasurer, 1993

“Both orally and in his letters Shoghi Effendi has tried to encourage the friends to contribute to the Central Fund and has made an effort to explain the advantages that we would have in having a large Central Fund and in giving regular appropriations to each of the different activities of the Cause. And yet in spite of that, Shoghi Effendi has expressly stated that the friends are not in the least required to send their contributions unlabelled but are absolutely free to state whether they wish it to go to the Central Fund or to some specific fund such as the Temple. And moreover the friends must be assured that funds that are labeled will never be used except for the specified purpose. Mrs. . . ’s aim in that letter is to encourage them to send unlabelled contributions which as long as they do not at all require the funds is quite in conformity with Shoghi Effendi’s desire.”

With regard to the National Fund, it must not be felt that the believers are required to send unlabelled contributions to the Fund but that it is only extremely desirable to do so. Individuals are free to specify the purpose of their donations.

1926-02-19 To Corinne True re contribs to the Fund

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