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Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and the Baha’i Faith, Della L Marcus, p60

I trust you have received by now my cable to you regarding Queen Marie’s glowing appreciation of the Teachings of the Cause. I felt when I read it a strong impulse to communicate with you and request you to consult Martha on the advisability of approaching her about the persecutions in Persia. I realize the delicacy and the peculiar difficulties of such a work as this. I do not wish you to feel constrained in any way to press the matter unduly. I would also request you to endeavour in every possible way to secure detailed information and the fullest particulars regarding this most astonishing and highly significant event in the progress of the Cause. I wonder whether the whole book treats of the Cause, and what measure of publicity it has had so far in the European press, and particularly in English periodicals.

I feel that with patience, tact, courage and resource we can utilize this development to further the interests, and extend the influence of the Cause. I shall be only too glad to give any assistance I possibly can.

[1926-05-29 to Mountford Mills re Queen Marie]

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