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1926-07-10 to Dr. John Herman Randall

USBN #16 - March 1927 - page 3/4

We are privileged to quote from a letter written by Shoghi Effendi in his

own hand to Dr. John Herman Randall of the Community Church of New York, dated

July 10th, 1926.

"I desire to take the present opportunity to assure you in person of my deep

admiration for those unique gifts which have characterized your able presentation

of the Baha'i Principles as well as my unshaken confidence in the part you are

destined to play for their universal recognition and triumph. Your clear vision,

your high courage, your grasp of the needs of present-day society, your eminent

position and penetrating eloquence qualify you in a remarkable manner to champion

the Cause of Baha'u'llah and establish its truth in the West.

"We are gradually and imperceptibly entering upon a new stage of our

progressive life and the qualities which are needed to supplement the essential

characteristics that are common to the followers of the Faith are just the ones

you are in a position to contribute and increase. That is why every well-wisher of

the Cause looks upon you as the chief instrument and factor that can provide and

contribute those necessary elements which a gradually unfolding movement

imperatively demands at present. I would therefore earnestly request you to pursue

your labors, untrammeled and unhampered by the existing conditions, striving in

your own admirable manner to add to the number of those capable, enlightened and

devoted servants of the Cause, who will eventually by the force of their numbers

and the brilliancy of their powers, revitalize the Cause, widen its scope,

establish its Principles and vindicate its truth.

"It would undoubtedly grieve me to learn that any imperfections and failings

on the part of the friends whether individually or collectively have tended to

damp the zeal, or lessen the enthusiasm with which you are upholding and

expounding the Baha'i Principles, for I cherish the greatest hopes for your

eventual triumph in such a glorious field of service."


[see Dr. John Herman Randall folder]

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