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Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland 
Compiled by Research Department of the Universal House of Justice.

Published in Baha'i Studies Review 4:1

I trust you have received my cable to you concerning the need for publishing any future Bahá'í Bulletin in Geneva in the 3 dominant languages in Europe, i.e. English, French and German. I strongly feel and it is my firm and personal conviction, influenced by no one whomsoever, that the German language should not under any circumstances be omitted from any officially recognized report on world Bahá'í activity issued from the International Bahá'í Bureau at Geneva. I even feel that we should exert the utmost effort to include the German language in our report on the progress of local Bahá'í work in Geneva. The growing number of German Bahá'í centres and adherents, the glorious words spoken by our Beloved regarding their destined and dominant part in the future spiritual awakening of Europe, and the qualities of hard work, earnestness and thoroughness which they invariably display in their labours, make it imperative that we recognize officially their language.... 
(30 August 1926) 
[To Jean Stannard, Baha’i International Bureau??]

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