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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p135

Dear Mary:

Shoghi Effendi has given me the pleasure of acknowledging the receipt of your first letter to him dated November 1st, 1926. He was very glad to see that you have made the service to this beloved Cause the primary aim of your life & will pray that you should succeed in it. This is the goal for which every Bahai youth should mobilise his forces . . .

My spiritual sister:

Your first written message has touched me deeply & has served to reinforce the bonds that unite me with your dear family in the service of the Cause. I cherish great hopes for you, & I will continue to pray for you that you may grow to become a shining example of virtue, of zeal, & of capacity to every worker in the Divine Vineyard. Study profoundly the Teachings, deepen your knowledge of social subjects & practice the art of public speaking that you may mirror forth the glory & beauty of this wondrous Revelation.

Your true brother,


1926-12-02 to Mary Maxwell encouraging studying social sciences

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