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1927-02-20 encourage individuals and groups

USBN #77 - September 1933 - page 3

"It is the duty and privilege of the National and Local Assemblies if they

find that the pressing requirements of their local and national budgets have been

adequately met, to encourage individuals and groups to initiate and conduct, with

their knowledge and consent, any undertaking that would serve to enhance the work

which they have set themselves to achieve. Not content with appeals addressed to

each and every believer to offer any constructive suggestions or plan that would

remedy an existing grievance, they should, by every means in their power,

stimulate the spirit of enterprise among the believers in order to further the

teachings as well as the administrative work of the Cause. They should endeavor by

personal contact and written appeals, to imbue the body of the faithful with a

deep sense of personal responsibility, and urge every believer, whether high or

low, poor or wealthy, to conceive, formulate and execute such measures and

projects as would redound, in the eyes of their representatives, to the power and

the fair name of this sacred Cause."

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