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1927-03-23 to Treasurer re Plan of Unified Action

USBN #21 - January 1928 - page 3

March 23, 1927.

My dear and valued co-worker:

I am enclosing my April contribution to the National Fund. It is a matter of

deep concern to me that the response of the believers to the call embodied in the

Plan of Unified Action has been so feeble and uncertain. The National Assembly,

while not justified to oppose specific contributions for newly originated

activities, should by every means in its power impress upon the friends the

paramount necessity of unlabelled contributions to the National Fund. The

Mashriqu'l-Adhkar undoubtedly undoubtedly constitutes the most important item in

the activities provided by the Plan, but these must not be unduly restricted or

neglected in order to further the interests of the Temple. I would be grieved to

learn that any believer would ever attempt to support an activity that lies

outside the province of the Plan and would neglect thereby his sacred obligation

towards the Budget. May the believers, one and all, arise to support the Plan as

they have never done before and with all the resources at their disposal secure

its triumph.


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