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Bahá'í World, Vol. 18 (1979-1983), page 973

My dear Dr. Forel,

I am taking the liberty of sending you enclosed a copy of Shoghi Effendi's letter to the Assemblies in the West, in connection with the martyrdom of still another brother of the Faith in Persia.

The horrible news of this evil happening has just broken upon us and Shoghi Effendi would be very grateful if you could communicate the news to some papers in Switzerland and Germany for publication. With all our grief and feelings we can extend no helping hand to our fellowBaha'is in that distracted country. All that we can do is to help through publicity, and acquaint humanity in the civilized world with such terrible tales of horror.

In the event of publication of the news contained in the enclosed letter, Shoghi Effendi would deeply appreciate it if you could send him a copy of it.

My dear and valued co-worker:

Your letter dated March 24 and the copy of 'Der Freidenker' have safely reached me and I thank you warmly for your continued efforts for the spread of the Bahai Faith. I trust that the journals with which you are in touch will publish the account given in my letter, and I shall be pleased to receive copies of such publications. Their sufferings, so heroically borne, surely deserve the most strenuous efforts on our part to give them the widest possible publicity.

Your true and grateful co-worker, Shoghi

1927-04-27 to Dr Forel re persecutions

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