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1927-05-09 Banish racial prejudice

USBN #18 - June 1927 - page 8

My dear valued co-worker: [Mr. Allen B. McDaniel]

I have emphatically appealed through a recent letter to the American believers to banish from their hearts and minds every trace of racial prejudice - as an essential pre-requisite of an effectual campaign conducted by them on behalf of racial amity. There is much to be accomplished by them as fellow-believers before they face the outside world and claim the attention of their fellow-men, as the exponents of these sublime Teachings of Baha'u'llah. I trust they will realize their responsibilities and resolve to wage eternal battle with their natural instincts if they desire to ensure the efficacy of their concerted efforts in this field.

Your true brother,



May 9, 1927.

[poss a ref to the ltr read by Dr. Bagdadi at Convention - 1927-04-XX re inter-racial amity]

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