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1927-08-25 re Aqdas & Temple interior

USBN #20 - November 1927 - page 7

" The Kitab-i-Aqdas should not be published as the existing translation is

most inadequate. As the Laws in the Aqdas are not all of them designed for

immediate application, our Guardian hopes to make extracts of the more immediate

and essential provisions of it for the guidance of the friends, who should be

urged to adopt and enforce them within the limits imposed by the civil law in

their respective countries.

" Regarding the Mashriqu'l-Adhkar, our Guardian feels that the National

Assembly should take no step whatsoever concerning the interior design or

constructions of the Temple if that step involves, however indirectly, any

financial obligation on the part of the National Fund, as the Temple Fund is

solely for building purposes. As to the character of the design, our Guardian

feels that this is a matter to be decided by the architect and those friends who

have a special knowledge of such matters."

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