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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p135-6

Of course he quite well understands your interest in science and hopes that it will mature into a sound & enlightened outlook, and your study of social sciences will prepare you, he hopes, to [have] a better understanding of some of the greatest problems of the world to-day and the illuminating light that the teachings of the Cause throws upon their ultimate and justifiable solution. I am sure you will find both fields equally interesting and absorbing.

My dear Bahai Sister:

I feel that while acquiring the fundamental facts of science, you should concentrate your energy on social studies, that you may teach in future with knowledge & understanding, & thus be enabled to attract people of standing, of influence & learning. I will pray for you at the holy Shrines, that you may mirror forth in your life & activities the glory & power of this Divine Revelation.

Your well-wisher,


1927-12-14 to Mary Maxwell emphasize social studies over sciences

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