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USBN #16, p3 March 1927

1927?-XX-XX re Publicity Bureau

No. 16 - March 1927 - page 3

Shoghi Effendi has referred to the Bureau [Baha'i Publicity Bureau] in a

recent letter to one of the American friends:

"It is my earnest prayer that this newly conceived Publicity Bureau will

draw many a spiritually minded capable soul to this Cause, and prove a real

dynamic force that will carry the Cause forward with greater vigor and increased


This was started in about Jan 1936 - - -

During December a number of believers voluntarily offered to meet the expenses of a Publicity Bureau in order that the activities of the Cause might be more extensively and officially made known to the general public. The Bureau has been functioning for a period of three months. during which time they have received clippings of their publicity to the extent of about thirty-three newspaper columns. The subjects presented so far have been the Year Book. the World Unity Conferences and the Green Acre Institute of World Unity, in addition to which special articles have been prepared and issued by the Bureau. It would be well for the Assemblies to give this subject very careful attention in order that we may all learn how to cooperate with these new facilities for publicity. Meanwhile, we should feel distinct gratitude to .those whose generosity has made this important service possible.

[USBN #17, April 1937]

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