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1928-01-15 to treas re Plan of Unified Action

USBN #22 - March 1928 - page 1

The following letter received recently by Mr.

Scheffler, Treasurer of the National Assembly, contains a message for us all.

" My dear Baha'i brother: - I am instructed by our beloved Guardian to thank

you for your welcome letter of December 18th with enclosures, all of which he was

very glad to receive.

He has always thought it a great pity and one that should certainly be

remedied, that the friends should cease or refuse to support the Plan of Unified

Action on such ill-founded and illegitimate excuse as the extravagance of the

members, especially when they have all the figures they want given them. He does

hope that it really is not an indirect expression of their lack of confidence in

their duly elected National Assembly or their unwillingness to cooperate. At any

rate, one thing should be made clear, that when it has the full and wholehearted

support of our Guardian, it simply means that they must contribute to it if they

really have the interest of the Cause at heart. It is to be lamented if the best

interests of the Cause are made to suffer only due to lack of cooperation and

perhaps personal sentiment.

However, our Guardian thinks that it is very urgent and necessary that the

National Assembly make a special effort to explain and remove all difficulties and

encourage all the various Assemblies to save the Plan even at the eleventh hour,

especially as our Guardian has such high hopes in that.

With all Baha'i hopes and greetings,

Sincerely in His service,


My dear and valued co-worker: -

I grieve to learn of the inadequate response on the part of the friends to

the National Fund. I have talked the matter over with Mr. Schopflocher and urged

him to transmit my earnest plea to all the believers to make a supreme and self-

sacrificing effort to raise the necessary sum before the end of this year, as

otherwise the prestige of the Cause will be gravely affected. Not only those who

have ample means at their disposal should display a greater effort, but those who

are of humbler position must also make a self-sacrificing effort, that the Temple

may become the embodiment of the self-sacrifice of all the believers.

Praying for your success,


Haifa, Palestine,

January 15th, 1928.

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