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1928-05-09 to Scheffler re NSA & Convention

USBN #24 - June 1928 - page 1

"To Mr. McDaniel : My very dear and precious co-worker: I rejoice to learn of the result of the National elections. Such a splendid and united group with such a splendid start made at the Convention, should be able to contribute a notable share to the success of the Plan. I will pray for them all, that through their wise, sustained and concerted efforts, and reinforced by the generous, spontaneous and continued support of the body of the believers, they may in the course of a year or two bring to a successful conclusion the first stage in the construction of the Mashriqu'l-Adhkar.

(signed) SHOGHI.

Haifa, Palestine,

May 9, 1928.

[NSA members:

Allen McDaniel, Chairman,

Alfred E. Lunt, Vice Chairman,

Horace Holley, Secretary,

Carl Scheffler, Treasurer,

Roy C. Wilhelm,

May Maxwell,

Louis G. Gregory,

Amelia Collins,

Nellie S. French]

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