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Haifa, Palestine

Dec. 21, 1928

My dear Laura Khanum:

We were all profoundly moved when we received the news of the passing of our dear Hippolyte, and I assure you that since the ascension of our Beloved, the family, and myself included, never felt the sense of loss & the pain of overwhelming sorrow as acutely as we did the night we received your wire, announcing the passing of one who was close & dear to us all.

Needless to say how overpowering is the sense of his loss to me, in particular, who received from him such comfort and support in perhaps the darkest days of my life, & cherished the fondest hopes for his future contribution to the advancement of the international work of the Cause.

None, I can confidently assert, among the Bahá'ís of the East & the West, combined to the extent that he did the qualities of genial & enlivening fellowship, of intimate acquaintance with the manifold aspects of the Cause, of sound judgement & distinctive ability, of close familiarity with the problems & condition of the world -- all of which made him such a lovable, esteemed & useful collaborator & friend.

I have, impelled by my love & admiration for him, addressed the enclosed message to my co-workers throughout the West, that those who knew him not may recognise his standing & appreciate his achievements. I am certain that the National Spiritual Assemblies of America & Persia, responding to my cabled request, will take the necessary measures for the holding of memorial gatherings as a tribute to one who advanced so effectively the international interest of the Cause.

I will for ever regret that, not realizing the gravity & the hopelessness of the illness which afflicted him, I failed to demonstrate in a fuller manner, the sentiments of profound & abiding affection that I have always cherished for him in my heart.

My mother wishes me to express to you her deep sense of affectionate sympathy in the loss of one who proved such a sustaining & sympathetic friend in her gloomiest hours of anxiety & sorrow.

Rest assured, dear Laura Khanum, that in my hours of prayer & meditation at the holy Shrines, I will frequently & tenderly remember my dearly-beloved friend & fellow-worker who has served so well our beloved Cause & is now receiving from the hands of our Master the reward of his notable achievements.

With kind regards & deepest sympathy,

Yours affectionately,


1928-12-21 to Laura Dreyfus Barney condolences on death of Hippolyte


From article by Thomas Linnard

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