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1928-XX-XX re Literature presented to Emperor and Empress of Japan

USBN #28 - November 1928 - page 2

"May the perusal of Baha'i literature enable Your Imperial Majesty to

appreciate the sublimity and penetrative power of Baha'u'llah's Revelation and

inspire you on this auspicious occasion to arise for its world wide recognition

and triumph." (Signed) Shoghi.


    At the time of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan's coronation in the fall of 1928, through the suggestion of Dr. R. Masujima, seven especially bound volumes of Bahá'í books were sent from American Bahá'ís as a gift to him. When the books reached Tokyo, the coronation ceremonies had already taken place in Kyoto, and the presentation of the books was delayed. On May twenty-second, Dr. Masujima received a letter from the Minister of the Imperial Household, stating that the seven books, which were named, had been presented to His Imperial Majesty on that day. Accompanying the books were these words from Shoghi Effendi.

[“History of the Bahá'í Faith in Japan 1914-1938” by Agnes Baldwin Alexander, p77]

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