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Instructions Concerning Attitude Toward Those Attacking Cause

"The Baha'i News Letter," no. 31, April 1929.

A copy of the pamphlet published by Mrs. Ruth White was sent to Shoghi Effendi in January.

February 27, 1929

"I have in a letter addressed to the National Assembly set forth my views regarding the contents of Mrs. White's pamphlet. I have thus far received no intimation from the Palestine authorities, and have no reason to believe that they will consider it worthy of their consideration. The friends, however, should avoid hurting her feelings and should abstain from provocation. Her case will suffer the fate which has met Dyar's opposition in 'Reality,' and should be totally disregarded by the believers. What will endure and gather strength are the institutions which the believers are rearing in the heart of the continent, all else is shifting sand and doomed to extinction.

(signed) Shoghi."

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