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Haifa, Palestine

March 12, 1929

My dear Laura Khanum:

I have delayed answering your very kind letter till the receipt of the most welcome photos of our departed & beloved Hippolyte, one of which I will take the liberty with your consent, to send to America for publication in the next issue of the Bahá'í World.

I am deeply appreciative of your generous offer of a scholarship in memory of your dear husband, & I feel that the vest procedure would be to send the pamphlet you sent me to the Teheran Assembly who will be acquainted thereby with the nature of the work of the university & will be better qualified to appoint the suitable student. I will myself communicate with them & will ask them to write to you directly in connexion with any matters that may arise in future. I find it difficult to make the appointment in person, a I find no one here in Haifa or the adjoining countries that could really use to the best advantage the opportunities presented by such a university. Furthermore, a direct connexion with the recognized national representatives of the Bahá'ís of Persia, would I feel, be more appropriate & closer to the wish of Hippolyte himself.

Please, be assured, dear Laura Khanum, of my profound sympathy with you in your great bereavement, as well as of my lively gratitude for your noble & generous action.

Yours affectionately,


1929-03-12 to Laura Dreyfus-Barney re receipt of Hippolyte photo & tribute

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