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1929-03-XX Wilmette re funds

USBN #31 - April 1929 - page 8

...the beautiful message which has just come through Ruhi Afnan, as follows:

- "The problem that in these days is arousing his (Shoghi Effendi's) anxiety is the way this large sum is to be collected in such a very short period of time, to resume the building operations right after the convention. He, as well as some of the other friends who are motivated by a great force of faith, believe firmly that God's miracles will not fail to perform their wonders and at the very eleventh hour the full sum will be collected. Shoghi Effendi wishes you to express his loving greetings to all the friends in Wilmette and ask them to join with him in their moments of private prayer and meditation, and ask God not to fail them, but as heretofore send them His confirmations and blessings."

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