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USBN #129 August 1939, p5

He wishes you now to ask all the newly-incorporated local Assemblies to have a photograph of their Assembly taken and sent through your Assembly to Haifa. These Assembly pictures are needed to accompany the certificates of incorporation when published in the next issue of The Baha'i World.

In closing he wishes me to stress once again the vital importance of the present stage in the collective teaching undertaking of the American believers represented in the opening up and definite settlement of the Central American Republics—which, as emphasized only recently in his cabled message to the N. S. A., constitute the chief and immediate teaching objective of the American believers throughout the present Baha'i year. No effort, he feels, should be spared to open up, however tentatively, each of the remaining Central American Republics in the course of the remaining eight months, and every facility and encouragement extended by the N. S. A. to all those who volunteer to settle and work in these territories. Only through such systematic teaching effort, guided by the N. S. A., and collectively supported by the entire body of the friends, can the Inter-American teaching campaign, which ushers in the period of the world spiritual mission of the American believers, forge ahead, be steadily extended in its southward penetration, and the high teaching goal set up by the Seven Year Plan completely attained at the appointed time. Let us take courage, and consecrate our all to the furtherance of this divinely-appointed task.

July 29, 1939.

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