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1929-09-20 collecting Abdu’l-Baha Tablets

USBN #35 - November 1929 - page 1

Dear Mrs. True:

Shoghi Effendi wishes me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated

July 7th and to assure you of his ardent prayers for the success of the work you

are undertaking.

The work of collecting and publishing the Tablets is one of the most

important tasks that this generation has undertaken, for upon it depends our true

understanding of the Cause and its principles. The more we put it off, the more we

are apt to lose some of the original writings.

Yet, important as this task may be, it is fraught with difficulties. The

early translations are far from being accurate, no matter who the translator may

be. Shoghi Effendi firmly believes that only tablets with the Master's signature

and in the original tongue should be recognized. Any translations or copies of

them fail from having real authority. This shows the importance of collecting the

original Tablets that bear the Master's signature.

May I in closing reassure you of Shoghi Effendi's prayer and extend to your

his loving greetings.

Yours sincerely,

Ruhi Afnan.

Haifa, Palestine.

September 20, 1929.


The National Assembly urgently requests those believers who possess original Tablets from 'Abdu’l-Baha to cooperate in the special effort now being made by Mrs. Corinne True, acting under appointment by the Assembly, to catalog all available Tablets with a view to the publication of a Valume Four of Tablets from' Abdu'l-Bala.

The three volumes edited with such loving care and distinction by Mr. Albert Windust contain only Tablets received before 1914. The unpublished Tablets consequently were revealed in the last years of the Master's earthly life, and their importance for present and future believers is beyond our capacity to appreciate.

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