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1929-12-12 can sell rug from Shrine to non-Baha’is

USBN #38 February 1930 insert

"Shoghi Effendi informs you that the rug can be offered for sale among Baha'is and nonBaha'is

alike."-Soheil Afnan


In accordance with the Guardian's purpose and instructions, the National Assembly has requested Mr. George Spendlove, a believer exceptionally qualified by expert knowledge and experience, to undertake the responsible task of arranging for the sale of this rug. Its value has been established at the sum of $20,000, at which figure offers will be considered whether from Baha'is or non-Baha'is, but no offer from a non-Baha'i will be accepted until those interested among the believers have been given full opportunity to acquire the rug for the Cause.

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