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Martha Root: Lioness at the Threshold, M. R. Garis, p338

. . . the Leader of the men and women teachers, Her holiness Miss Martha Root. . . . It is incumbent and obligatory upon all the beloved of God and hand maidens of the Merciful One in that sacred land to receive that noble soul with their hearts and souls, and to perform the ceremonies of hospitality towards her with all respect and the utmost affection. . . . [He urged them to] spread banquets and adorn gatherings and assemblages . . . [for] that chosen one of His Holiness the Almighty and the bearer of the fame of the cause of Baha, both in words and in deeds. For this unique believer with an astonishing power and matchless courage and constancy has raised the cry of Ya Baha’u’allâh [sic] in the loftiest places and brought the sacred name of our blessed Faith to the hearing of mighty personages including Princes, Ministers, erudites and royalty. She has thus represented before the eye of the great men of the world the wronged ones and workers of that land as a people of eminence and excellence. She deserves every kind of love and affection and is worthy of infinité honor and glorification.

1929-12-XX Persian ltr of intro for Martha Root (provisional)

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