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1929-XX-XX great and manifold services OF SOTW

USBN #33 - July 1929 - page 8

And in a letter from Soheil Afnan to Mr. Dale S. Cole of Cleveland (with

Shoghi Effendi's handwriting at the bottom of the letter)

"It has been a great pleasure to our dear Guardian to receive your letter

and to learn of your close cooperation with the "Star of the West .

"It is to the Star of the West and the great and manifold services that it

can render that Shoghi Effendi looks with the greatest expectations.... At this

time of world-wide doubt and general perplexity, it is perhaps the greatest

services to be able to breathe out in your writings what will ultimately prove to

be the greatest solution for the troubles of today."

.. the following from our Guardian....

"We should strive in all our utterances to combine the discretion and noble

reticence of the wise with the frankness and passionate loyalty of the ardent

advocate of an inspiring Faith."

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