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Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and the Baha’i Faith, Della L Marcus, pp173-4

I am now writing to you quite confidentially regarding the projected visit of the Queen to Haifa. Unfortunately it did not materialize. The reason, I absolutely ignore. Although I sent her two wires, renewing my invitation to her already expressed in the letter I wrote her when you were here, and deploring the unauthorized publicity given by the Press in Palestine, England and America, I have had no reply from her whatever. All I received was a wire from Cairo on March 28 from the Romanian Minister, Lahovary, who wired as follows: ‘Her Majesty regrets that, not passing through Palestine, she will not be able to visit you’. I do not know whether my letter of December last, which I showed you, and in which I acknowledged receipt of her photograph, as well as my two wires to her after her arrival in Egypt, have been intercepted or miscarried. The two wires I sent her were as follows . . .‘Deeply regret unauthorized publicity given by the Press.’ I should not be surprised if these communications as well as your letters and the rosaries have not reached her at all. I so much wish to know the real situation, whether any malicious propaganda has not damped her enthusiasm, or whether she is unable to communicate with us. Reporters who called on me, representing the United Press of America, telegraphed to their newspapers just the opposite I told them. They perverted the truth. I wish we could make sure that she would at least know the real situation! But how can we ensure that our letters to her Majesty will henceforth reach her. I feel that you should write to her, explain the whole situation, assure her of my great disappointment. I hope your letter will reach her ... I cherish the hope that these unfortunate developments will serve only to intensify the faith and love of the Queen, and will reinforce her determination to arise and spread the Cause. Please, let me know of any news you receive. I thirst for news and find all ways to her barred and blocked.

Be not sad or distressed, dearest Martha. The seeds you have so lovingly, so devotedly and so assiduously sown will surely germinate. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá is guiding you and will bless your heroic efforts. Persevere, and never lose heart.

1930-04-02 to Martha re situation w/ Queen Marie

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