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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p122-3

Every one who has studied the Cause deeply cannot but be certain that Baha’u’lláh’s purpose in His Mission was not merely to expound certain principles & renew the spirit that the previous prophets brought to the world, but also to establish a definite social fabric that would make those principles of practical value. In a word what Baha’u’lláh has come to this world for is a World State - the Kingdom of God — the greatest institution that the world has yet seen.

The administrative side of the Cause which is the embryonic stage of that world order, is therefore just as much an intrinsic & indispensable part of the teachings, as the principle of unity of mankind etc. To consider a person a Bahai, who does not believe in the administration, is just as if we were to consider him as such when he takes exception to those basic principles . . .

Shoghi Effendi does not have anything to say against Mrs. Chanler for she is making all that sacrifice for a certain noble ideal of service. He only pities her to be so duped by Ahmad. All of Shoghi Effendis grudge is against Ahmad who, appearing in the garb of a servant, is doing nothing more than to injure the Cause by sowing the seeds of dissension among the friends, & of securing his own means of livelihood . . .

Regarding Ahmad, I feel that if the friends individually & collectively are not watchful, a gradual departure from the spirit & form of the Faith on his part, aided by the resources placed at his disposal by Mrs. Chanler, may soon bring about a state of grave confusion among the believers, & create a split in their ranks. We should be both firm and conciliatory. I look to you as a powerful instrument for the preservation of the unity & of the integrity of our beloved Faith, & will continue to pray for your high endeavour from the depths of my heart.

1930-05-23 to May Maxwell re situation w/ Sohrab, argument for administration

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