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1930-05-30 instructions re BW Vol III

USBN #48 - February 1931 - page 9-10

to the BW Editorial Secretary

Dear Mr. Windust:

Shoghi Effendi desires me to acknowledge the receipt of your letters of April 6th and March 23rd. The packages of photographs that you sent for "The "Baha'i World have all reached him. He has selected the most appropriate and has returned the rest to your address in a number of packages. He is deeply grateful to you for the painstaking efforts and the thoroughness and the devotion with which you have collected the material for the forthcoming issue. The entire manuscript has reached him safely. He went over it most carefully, rearranged the whole material, added a few articles, prepared a table of contents which he inserted in the manuscript, arranged the photographs and the captions for each, divided the material into Four Parts and sent them under three separate covers a few days ago to your address.

He is delighted with the illuminated manuscript insert which he has chosen as a frontispiece of the book, and has placed it in its proper place in Part One. We need not insert the translation of the text of the manuscript. He prefers the non-varnished copy. If you think, however, that moisture will affect it, he has no objection to your inserting instead the varnished copy. The photographs for "The Baha'i World , he has inserted them all in the manuscript. He would advise the Committee neither to add to, nor to discard, any of the photographs already inserted. He has divided each of the Four Parts into Sections. He has grouped the photographs of each Section and added them to their respective Sections. As to the exact locality of each photograph in these Sections, he has left it to the discretion of the Committee. He would not advise to displace these photographs from one part to another. He would ask you to kindly return to him all the photographs that are within the manuscript after the printing of the book. Among these photographs are two collective ones. On each page of these two collective photographs are nineteen reproductions of outstanding Baha'is in the East and in the West. The one is entitled, "Apostles of Baha'u'llah"; the other, "Disciples of 'Abdu'l-Baha." He has joined to each a list of the name and title of these Baha'is. He would request the Committee to arrange the two collective photographs in a manner that they would face each other in the book. In the back of each he feels the list of their respective names should be inserted. Shoghi Effendi has not yet received Horace's article on "Survey of Current Baha'i Activities in the East and West." He would advise you to insert it immediately if it is finished without awaiting a further word from Shoghi Effendi. He feels that the sooner the book is printed the better. He would advise the utmost care both on the part of the proof reader and the printer. Particularly regarding the transliteration of Oriental terms, he would urge you to exercise the minutest care. He has carefully revised both the list and the articles in this connection. The book should present a distinctive scholarly character and should be free from all manner of type error. The appreciative replies he has received from eminent men to whom he has sent "The Baha'i World and to whom he hopes to send Volume III, makes it absolutely imperative to maintain, nay even to improve if possible, the standard already attained. He would particularly request you to insert in the beginning of the book, on a separate page, a statement saying that all the photographs in Volume III are strictly copyrighted and should not, without specific authorization, be reproduced. As to the color of the book, Shoghi Effendi feels that as Volume I has a green cover and Volume II a blue one, that Volume III should be red. He is sending you enclosed the particular shade of red which he feels it advisable to adopt. He would request you to ensure that the cloth cover of Volume III should be exactly in this shade.

Shoghi Effendi is sending enclosed a check for twenty pounds as his promised contribution towards the expense involved in the preparation of the illuminated manuscript. He has already informed the friends in the East and particularly Persia to take the necessary measures for a prompt and substantial order immediately the book is published. The sacred photographs, most of which have never been published before, are of such a nature as to excite the interest of both the Baha'is of the East and the West. The graphic and detailed description of the declaration of the Bab in Shiraz, which Shoghi Effendi has included in Part One is bound to arouse much interest, as the details of that historic meeting are unknown to even the old believers in Persia. That is why he feels that the greatest care should be exercised in the printing of the book.

Shoghi Effendi would wish to have mailed to his name, immediately the book is published, which he hopes will be by the middle of the summer, one hundred (100) copies. He hopes that the friends in every part of the world will cooperate in making the issue of this book a successful financial undertaking. He wishes in conclusion to express his deepest appreciation of your continued and devoted endeavors and wishes me to assure you of his prayers for your success in your many services to the Cause. This letter should not be published in "The Baha'i World . It is only for the information of "The "Baha'i World Committee.

Yours Sincerely,

Ruhi Afnan.

P.S. - Shoghi Effendi will be pleased to send the price of the hundred copies he has ordered immediately he receives them. R.A.

My Dear and precious co-worker:

I cannot refrain from adding a few words to this already detailed letter, the expression of may deepest admiration for your unsparing efforts in the service of our beloved Faith. Your whole-hearted devotion, conscientious labors, and thoroughness of service are greatly valued and prized by me, and I trust that in the days to come your scope of service may increasingly widen and bear the richest fruit. I have asked Ruhi to convey my messages and suggestions in my behalf in this letter regarding "The Baha'i World , and I am sure that they will be duly considered, as I have great hopes in this publication. I am sending you under separate cover a photo of the London friends which I would suggest to be inserted before or after George Townshend's "Reflection" on the Hidden Words in Part IV.

Lovingly and gratefully,



May 29, 1930.

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