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Baha’i Studies Bulletin Vol 2 #1 June 1983 pp74-5


Dear Kr. Lunt:

Shoghi Effendi wishes me to acknowledge receipt of your letters dated June 20th, July 14th, 17th & 18th, copies of the Baha'i directory & the minutes of the National Assembly of June 17th to 29th 1930.

Concerning Ahmed's attitude towards the Assembly & the decision you have taken, Shoghi Effendi has already sent you a cable heartily approving the language as well as the purport of the decision. Since then we have received letters from different parts of the world such as Australia & New Zealand informing us that Ahmed has been sending them his literature & keeping them informed of his activities. They all expressed indignation at his attitude & were astonished that nothing had been done. Anyhow, Shoghi Effendi is glad that the decision was taken for it would have had a very bad offset upon those countries where the friends are still unexperienced & where the Assemblies cannot stand the flouting of some individuals.

I Personally believe that the reason why the New History Society succeeded in attracting new individuals was because that were so many devoted Baha'is found there a field for teaching & lend the society their whole-hearted assistance. I think if the Assembly provides a similar field for service & gives them a chance for work such greater work would be achieved.The work of the Assembly should be to capitalize the energy & devotion that exists among the friends and guide them along proper channels, whereby good work would be accomplished & no harm be done to the Cause. The first quality for leadership, both among individuals and Assemblies, is the capacity to use the energy & competence that exists in the rank and file of its followers, otherwise the more competent members of the group will go at a tangent & and try to find elsewhere a field of work & where they could use their energy.

Shoghi Effendi hopes that the Assemblies will do their utmost in planning such teaching activities that every single soul will be kept busy.

In a cable that he sent about ten days ago Shoghi Effendi left left the question of the publication of the Iqan in the hands of the Assembly. The help he could render was in translation work, the financial side has to be considered by the Assembly itself. Only a few days after sending the first part he mailed the second. I hope you have received that also.

Please convey to a l l the friends Shoghi Effendi’s loving greetings, especially to the members of the National Assembly & the blessed angels working at the Evergreen Cabin.

Yours ever sincerely,

Ruhi Afnan

PS. Concerning the cornerstone of the Temple which was laid by the Master, Shoghi Effendi says that it has no other special significance than a great honour conferred by the Master upon that building & it should be treated as a cornerstone & nothing more.


[Postscript by Shoghi Effendi]

With the assurances of my deep appreciation of your high endeavours & of my prayers for the success of your manifold activities.

Your true brother,


1930-08-30 to Alfred Lunt re Sohrad & New History Society

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