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The Artist’s Daughter” , Nancy Douglas Bowditch, p224

20. Letter to Mrs. Harold Bowditch from Shoghi Effendi via Ruhi Afnan. Dated 19-9-30. The Persian Colony, Haifa, Palestine.

Dear Bahai Sister;

Shoghi Effendi wishes me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated August 18th, 1930. He hopes that as chairman of the Assembly you will succeed to render many services to the Cause in Boston. Such offices carry with them great responsibilities, but these are blessings for they enable us to serve the Cause so much more. The primary duty of the Assemblies is to take the initiative and find the ways and means for spreading the Cause and strengthening its position.

Teaching in these days is of paramount importance. Shoghi Effendi hopes that the Boston friends will do their best to provide nice meetings where the public is attracted and then encourage personal contact with those who are interested.

The Cause needs new blood, it needs more and more new adepts, new and competent servants. If we do not achieve that we will soon discover ourselves a secluded dying institution. A group can either progress or die, it can never linger idle and survive. Shoghi Effendi will remember the members of the Boston Assembly in his prayers and ask for them divine guidance and help.

Yours ever sincerely,

Ruhi Afnan.

Note in Shoghi Effendi s handwriting:

Assuring you of my fervent prayers for your success and spiritual advancement.

Your true brother,


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