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Looking back in Wonder, Philip Hainsworth, p101-2

Dear Bahá’í Brother;

Your two letters, one undated, and one dated April 19, have been received by our beloved Guardian, as well as the pamphlet - which he was delighted to see.

He would be delighted to see you go as a pioneer to Africa and to later have your mother join you. She seems the true heroic pattern! He feels that in as far as possible the African pioneers should seek to get a job which will take them to one of the countries chosen and ensure employment for them there. It does not seem wise or necessary for a Bahà’i to stress the fact he or she is going there to teach. A people’s religion is their own business, and they can talk about it privately as much as they like without neglecting their employer’s work.

Also, he feels no rules can be laid down about how to teach. Usually one teaches those receptive souls one finds. The same should apply to the beginning of the work in Africa. Any direct teaching work with the more primitive tribes would have to be done after finding out the best and most tactful way of doing it. The first step is to get to Africa, and, in view of the cost involved, and the state of the Fund, the pioneers should make every effort to get sent out there or at least get employment after arriving, thus relieving the Bahà’i Fund as much as possible. If this fails, then of course all the expense will have to be paid by the Fund.

The Guardian is very pleased over the publications in African languages, and greatly appreciates what you have accomplished in this field, as well as your many other services.

He will certainly pray you may settle your affairs satisfactorily at home, and then find a way to go to Africa.

At present no pilgrims are permitted, as you know, but he feels sure some day you will again be a welcome guest in Haifa.

With Bahà’i love, R. Rabbání. ’

May the Almighty bless your strenuous', constant and high endeavours, and enable you to enrich continually the splendid record of your valuable services to His Faith and its nascent institutions.

Your true and grateful brother, Shoghi.

1930-12-30 to Philip Hainsworth re teaching in Africa

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