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1931-01-14 Commends BW Vol III

USBN #49 - March 1931 - page 2-3

My dear Mrs. Little:

I am directed by our Guardian to express his grateful thanks for your letter

written on behalf of the Publishing Committee and dated December 16, 1930.

He has received the copy of the Baha'i World Vol. III, with the greatest

pleasure and he wishes me to hasten and assure you that he is highly satisfied

with the work.

I am also asked to express Shoghi Effendi's unqualified gratitude to the

members of the Publishing Committee and not least yourself for their labors and

industry in producing such a noteworthy publication.

With his greetings and good wishes to you all,

Sincerely yours,

(Signed) Soheil Afnan.

My dear Co-worker:

I am extremely pleased with the third volume of the Baha'i World and have

already sent a copy to Persia and encouraged the friends throughout the East to

order copies directly from New York.

Your true brother,

(Signed) SHOGHI.

Haifa, Palestine,

January 14, 1931.

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