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Lady Blomfield: Her Life and Times, Robert Weinberg, p299

[The Guardian’s] hope in undertaking this task was to present to the western friends the bare facts of the early days of the Movement, so that the same spirit that animated its early servants may again inspire the friends and arouse them to further exertions and sacrifices.My dear Ladee,

I wish to thank you most deeply for the painstaking efforts entailed in going so carefully over the entire manuscript. I greatly value your suggestions and will gladly incorporate them in the final copy. I have been revising it very drastically of late ... I have been working ten hours a day since I returned home and hope to send it for publication by the end of next month. Again thanking you from all my heart, and with my best wishes to Parvene Khanum, Your true brother, Shoghi. I have added about two hundred pages of notes, all of which I trust will not weary the reader. Shoghi

1931-01-19 To Blomfield re Dawnbreakers

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