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1931-01-30 re upcoming Baha’i World volume

USBN #48 - February 1931 - page 8-9

to the BW Editorial Secretary

My Dear Mr. Windust:

I am directed by the Guardian to thank you for your letter of January 8th

with enclosures, all of which he has read with much interest.

In view of the importance which, as you are well aware, Shoghi Effendi

attaches to "The Baha'i World publications, he wishes me to express his grateful

and profound appreciation at every available opportunity for the painstaking

efforts you lavish upon its publication.

He is already looking forward to a still more instructive and attractive

production this year and he patiently awaits the Manuscript next April. You can

collect on the other side of the Atlantic all the material you want. He will sift

and decide upon them here, after having your recommendation.

With the assurance of his affection and prayers for you and your daughters,

and with his sincere trust in the materialization of your visit to Haifa,

Sincerely yours,

Sohiel Afnan.

My dear and precious co-worker:

I feel strongly that the forthcoming issue of "The Baha'i World , to which

you are so devotedly attached, will arouse keen and widespread interest. I eagerly

await the Manuscript by the end of April. I would like to urge that the original

colors of the Manuscript which has been sent to you for reproduction should be

distinctly and faithfully reproduced, inasmuch as the colored reproduction of the

Master's photograph on the frontispiece of Vol. II is slightly different and

inferior in shade as compared with the original. May the Beloved guide you,

sustain you, and fortify you in your historic task.

Your affectionate brother,



January 30, 1930.

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